Why do you need Estate Planning?

Strategic estate planning is critical for all individuals irrespective of age, annual income, net worth, or tax bracket. Many individuals are not aware of the importance of advance planning and often are forced into crisis mode when a severe illness hits or when long-term care suddenly becomes necessary. An ounce of prevention in the form of an effective plan can help protect and preserve your assets, as well as safeguard family harmony and avoid unnecessary worry and stress.

For Who?

The following individuals should consult with a qualified estate planning law firm:

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Individuals and couples ages 30-50

This sector is often the most neglectful of estate planning. As you invest effort into amassing savings for yourself and your family, it is crucial to ensure that the capital will endure and eventually be distributed according to your wishes. The lack of such planning can result in not achieving your financial goals, or in having visions for your children remain unfulfilled.

Individuals and couples anticipating retirement

Most people who typically devote their attention to building capital do not focus enough on planning for the proper transition and preservation of wealth.  Even if you have crafted a plan, it will often need to be revised or redone to reflect changing needs and evolving situations.

Seniors and Retirees

Individuals and couples who have achieved financial security, home-ownership and retirement savings are in crucial need of estate planning.  You need guidance in allocating your savings to ensure financial independence without consuming your nest egg, and to protect against wiping out a lifetime of effort due to the costs of long-term care.

What our clients say

Knowledgeable, professional and willing to take the time to explain.

Alan, NY

We were lost and living out of state. Brian was kind and understanding every step of the way. Grief is hard enough, probate is impossible! I learned so much and hope I have made it easier for my daughter by planning my estate better. It would be a nightmare for lay people to go through. We are grateful.

Valerie, Cathedral City, CA

They are easygoing, meticulous, and absorb themselves fully in the work they are doing.

Nathan, Lakewood, NJ

I was very impressed with Brian’s knowledge and understanding of what we were looking for in our initial meeting.

Ephraim, Monsey, NY

Very good service, with excellent follow up with the lenders as was necessary. Would recommend the service to others.

Yehuda, Montreal, Quebec

As parents age and require more assistance and advice from their children, we children look for professionals on whom we can rely for practical and wise guidance and decision making. I was lucky to have found that — and more — from Greenwald Weiss. Both Hillel Weiss and Brian Greenwald are wonderful!! They are kind, caring, patient and very wise elder lawyers who have become my partners in helping my mother to plan for the future and live for today.

Felice Fisher, Teaneck, NJ

I needed assistance for my sister who is on public assistance and needed proper guidance after her husband passed away and left her a life insurance policy. Your firm was understanding and helpful.

Harold, Brooklyn, NY

They are competent, trustworthy and understanding.

Eli Beane, Lakewood, NJ

What You Can’t Do With a Will

While a will is one of the most important estate planning documents you can have, there are things that it won’t cover. A will is just one part of a comprehensive estate plan. 

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