Finally Some Stability to Portability

IRS Issues Final Regulations on Portability The IRS recently issued final regulations (effective June 12, 2015),[1] clarifying the application of the “portability” rules – one of the relatively newer provisions relating to federal estate and gift tax (the “transfer...

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Estate Planning For Your Digital Property

By Brian (Baruch) Y. Greenwald and Hillel D. Weiss Estate planning is the process of anticipating and arranging for the disposal of your estate during your life and generally becoming more organized about your affairs.  Traditionally, estate planning included planning...

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Writing a Will: It’s More Critical Than You Realize

An AARP survey reveals that two out of every five Americans over the age of 45 do not have a will. Studies of younger age groups understandably find an even greater percentage – three out of every four people under the age of 34 do not have a will. Admittedly, sitting...

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