On Thursday, August 13, 2015, at the CSB Envision5 Conference which took place in the beautiful and historic Thayer Hotel in West Point, NY, Baruch (Brian) Y. Greenwald & Hillel D. Weiss, Partners at Greenwald Weiss, presented on the topic of estate planning and Halacha. Keeping in line with Greenwald Weiss tradition, the presentation mimicked an initial client interview, with a “sit-in” Rabbi commenting on the halachic (i.e., Jewish Law) aspects of estate planning facing the client. Playing the part of “Rabbi” was Harav Chaim Kohn, Shlita, the esteemed Choshen Mishpat Dayan (i.e., halachic judge) and founder of the Business Halacha Institute. The presentation was very well attended, and the participants, mostly insurance professionals, learned helpful tips from the presenters on how to spot potential legal and Halachic issues and how to advise their clients with respect to such issues.