One of the most urgent needs of seniors today is learning how to best manage and defray the astronomical costs associated with long-term care. Without appropriate planning, these costs can entirely deplete one’s life savings.  One of the most effective methods of managing these costs is to do proper “Medicaid planning.”  This type of planning combines traditional estate planning with the strategic reallocation of assets that enables seniors to achieve Medicaid eligibility while maintaining financial independence and relative autonomy over their finances.  Ideally this is done in advance of a crisis, allowing seniors to maximize benefits from the very beginning of an illness or disability. Unfortunately, many families only seek legal counsel once they are in crisis mode, making the situation much more complicated. However, while some benefits may be lost, it is important to note that the guidance of an experienced legal team at a later stage can still have an enormous positive impact on the net value of an estate.  For seniors, their children and loved ones, Medicaid planning should be a top priority.

At Greenwald Weiss, we constantly monitor the ever-changing legal landscape to remain up-to-date on new laws that could impact your plan. Our knowledge and experience in handling such matters and our concern for and sensitivity to elders, their family members and the unique challenges they face make us specially qualified to help you in the area of Medicaid planning.

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