On Sunday, November 22, 2015, the Business Halacha Institute (“BHI”) hosted a CLE seminar for attorneys at their Brooklyn headquarters on the topics of “The Halachic Seder Hayerusha/Intestate Distributions in Halacha,” “Practical Halachic Estate Planning” and “Mental Capacity in the Old and Infirm.” The speakers were Rabbi Chaim Kohn, Dayan (i.e., halachic judge) and founder of BHI, Rabbi Ari Marburger, BHI Dayan and author of “Business Halacha” (Artscroll/Mesorah) and Rabbi Avraham Gutman, Dayan at BHI and Bais Din Vaad Hadayanim of Lakewood. The event was moderated by Baruch (Brian) Y. Greenwald & Hillel D. Weiss, Partners at Greenwald Weiss, who also provided some secular law background on the topics discussed and shared some of their first-hand experiences from their estate planning practice. The presentation was very well attended, and the participants (in their own words), gained a great deal from the presentations that were well-prepared and delivered in a clear and organized fashion.

Below are the full audio clips of each presentation. Enjoy!

“Mental Capacity in the Old and Infirm” by Rabbi Chaim Kohn

“Practical Halachic Estate Planning” by Rabbi Ari Marburger

“The Halachic Seder Hayerusha/Intestate Distributions in Halacha” by Rabbi Avraham Gutman