On Sunday, May 21st, the Business Halacha Institute (“BHI”) hosted their annual brunch at their Brooklyn headquarters, featuring a presentation delivered by a panel of Rabbi Chaim Kohn, Dayan (halachic judge) and founder of BHI and Greenwald Weiss founding partners, Baruch (Brian) Y. Greenwald and Hillel D. Weiss. 

The presentation was titled “Dividing Estates, Not Families,” and the panelists discussed properly (i) preparing and implementing trusts as a means of tax planning and creditor protection and the validity of such trusts under halacha, (ii) using prenuptial agreements prior to a second marriage (under secular law and halacha) and (iii) planning for medical and financial issues that might arise in advanced age through the use of trusts, powers of attorney and joint ownership.  Baruch (Brian) and Hillel provided secular law background on the topics discussed and shared some of their first-hand experiences from their estate planning practice. 

The presentation was very well attended, and the participants (in their own words), gained a great deal from the presentation that was well-prepared and delivered in a clear and organized fashion.